Fordever Club Brno is association of enthusiasts and hobbyists from Czech Republic, with concern about 50'-80'Ford cars. First meeting was realized in spring 1997, just a dosen of Cortinas was present together with two mk3 Capris...but a few right fellows with the same heart beat met there and they have made out, that it would be great to meet again and in larger number. We started to meet twice a year, from 1999 our meetings lasted two days. We allways tried to make a nice weekens for people with same interests, including Car beauty competitions, drivers-skill rides, runway pursuits on local airport. Our club was also invited to Grand Prix Brno circuit, known for international motorcycle GP races in September. So nobody can be suprised, that number of members is still growing up, but than we decided to arrange just one meeting a year from 2002, not being lazy, but our good speed started activities in other regions of Czech and Slovak Republic, so we are not just inviting, but also getting invited by our "younger" brothers to their meetings. Exact dates of Czecho-Slovak Ford meetings you can find in "AKCE CO BUDOU" (Czech version of our web page).
a few shots from our history:

Autumn 2017, garage in a secret place. Foto: Jari Flori


Summer 2012,  Campus Brno parkplace. Photo: Ondra Kroutil


Summer 2007, Airmuseum Vyškov


Spring 2005 in our Ford-Clinic



the club meetings growing: spring 1997 / spring 2000


Pic was taken during the 2003 club "70's-style-retro-meeting".

through the years:  1998, 1998, 2000, 2003

the crew :

Karel Kostroň, chairman, karlos(a)fordever.cz
Jakub Kouřil, paperwork&webmaster, treasure holder, kuba(a)fordever.cz
Pavel Raszka, knudsen
Tomáš Kozel, kozlotom
Martin Šamonil, chamonix(a)fordever.cz
Jaroslav Florian, vlkodlak(a)fordever.cz
Petr Míček, eaglepetr(a)fordever.cz
Vlastimil Kohoutek vlastik(a)fordever.cz
Pavel Císař pavel(a)fordever.cz
  club mascot - our mate TAZ, taz(a)fordever.cz 
external members :
Lukáš Kloubec
Miroslav "Dad" Kloubec


Husovice tunnel opening, winter 1998

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