There is no question about what started our mania : our Ford machines. To them is dedicated this page - photogallery.

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1982 Ford Capri 3.1 X-Pack
Kuba Kouřil -

I bought this Capri in 1995 as my first car. It was a rusty 2.3 Sport type in Oyster Gold finish. Restoration started in 1996 and now you can find 10-inches-wide Compomotive alloys hidden in the Mk2 X-pack glassfibre arches and wild 3-litre "stage 4" Essex under the bonnet. There is special web page dedicated to this car.

1969 Works Cologne Capri MKI RS2600 Replica
1965 Cortina MKI 2door
1970 Transit MKI ex fire fighter

Karel Kostroň -

The Works Capri RS2600LV project is almost over after many years of the hard work. The final look is amazing !

   Car from the other side - Mk1 Transit Fireman. Great rain shelter for Karel's kids.


1974 Ford Cortina MkIII 2.3

Ford Transit Mk1
Tomáš Kozel -

This Cortina has a Cologne 2.3V6 under the bonnet. Tom wants to upgrade the suspension and brakes.


1971 Ford Taunus GXL Coupé 2,8 V6,
1982 Ford Granada Ghia Sedan 2,8i V6

Pavel Raszka -

This original car was made in Belgium for Paris Ford dealer. Rare bordeaux-red interior you can find inside. Currently in full restoration.

Ford Transit Mk1 a Mk2
Ford Taunus Coupe GT
Ford Taunus 20m 2300RS

TAZ, club mascot -

Taz bought this rare P7 from Tom. Well done.



Taz is very proud to his Transit in gangsta-look. We use it as an info-bus during our club meetings.

in his Knudsen Coupe...

...and in his latest homologation special

Ford Eagle SS
Petr Míček

Very rare car in our country. GRP body on the Cortina Mk3 suspension, imported from UK. Motor journalist have problem with identification of this blue toy - is that some strange modification of the GT40 ? Very funny.

1979 Ford Capri Mk3 2.0 OHC

Martin Šamonil -

Piece of an american school is noticeable on Martin's Capri - raised tail and fat tyres on the rears. Martin has another Capri-project, will see soon.


Ford Escort Mk1 1300 "dog bone".
Lukáš Kloubec
Ford Granada Mk2 2.1D
Miroslav "Daddy" Kloubec

Car was complete restored in 2002 by Lukas and his father Miroslav. They saved old Escort from the scrapyard. Both guys are very handy - their final product is one of greatest car in the Czech Republic.

Miroslav bought his blue shiny Granny in the middle of 80's - most of us had Fords just from Matchbox :-)

like father, like son

1965 Ford Transit "Bedouin" Mk1
Ford Transit Mk1 "vosa"
Ford Cortina MkIII
1985 Escort XR3i
Vlastík Kohoutek

At the end of the year 2005, the “The Oldest Transit” competition took place also in the Czech Republic. The winner has been already known. It is rare Transit "Bedouin" in export modification for North Africa. This model was produced in September 1965. Considering the fact that the Great Britain has just had its own winner with the production date 1966, there is high possibility that the one from Czech Republic aspire to the oldest worldwide Transit on the licence plates. The second place in that competition gained Transit “Fire Fighter” produced in September 1966. The third place got a camper Transit in the original Westfalia modification, which left the factory plant in February 1969. The winner announcement took place in Prague in December.


February, 2006: The owner is our mate Vlastík who has obtained the voucher for 1,000 litre of fuel. FoMoCo Czech Republic wants to participate in the renovation of that car, in order to use it for advertisement of new models of that legendary lorry.


May, 2006: After three month (!) is the Oldest Transit in show condition. Car was completly welded and resprayed to its original paint. Each part of the car was restored, now we are looking for the glass rubbers, original mirrors, etc.


Vlastík own another oldskool Fords: Ford Transit Mk1 "Wasp", Ford Cortina MkIII and '85 Escort XR3i

Ford Cortina Mk1
1981 Ford Transit 2.4 diesel power
Jaroslav Florian -

No, this picture is not taken from original Ford brochure. You can see a piece of Jarek's collection (in fact he owns around 60 cars -yes, sixty!). Someday he will be a scrapyard king.

We know this lad a longer time - his Cortinas are club sessions guests every year. Jarek is a real advocate of an original state of cars with no modifications.


Transit yellow diesel power moved from Bufan to Jarek